How Free Service Can Save Your Time and Your Money revolutionary web application pre-qualifies your loan scenario using each individual lender's unique guidelines. Previously, technology only allowed for on-line mortgage requests to wait for a mortgage specialists response. The only way to find if the loan offer provided to you is the right one, and that rates and costs are competitive, was to try to receive and compare offers from multiple lenders. It was time consuming for you and for the mortgage specialists you were working with.

Our detailed questions and innovative web application enables you to accurately determine exactly which lender will accept your loan and supply you with up to the minute rates in real time, including all adjustments and applicable lender notes.

After you have run your loan numbers and chosen your preferred lender program, you can then request the loan specialist assistance. puts you in position of control over your loan options, rates and closing costs. In fact, is a unique instrument allowing you to run your loan scenario against various lenders programs. Receive numbers right away, negotiate with lenders and save enormous amount of money by accepting the offers with best rates and closing costs. was designed specifically for the needs of borrowers looking to compare mortgage loan offers on-line.

Why use

Instantly find a mortgage loan that fits your needs! Locate the lowest rates for each loan scenario and save best of them for further consideration. Below are a few more of the features of

Instant Loan Search Results. Instantly run your loan scenario across a growing list of prime and sub prime lenders. Your results will return in seconds. Borrowers can search dozens of lenders instead of just talking over the phone and receiving already obsolete numbers over the mail. You will educate yourself playing with our system and will likely find loan programs, rates and closing costs estimates every time you hit the search button. will allow you to spend more time negotiating your one loan.

Money Saved. Because a half percent in rates and closing costs could save or cost you thousands of dollars on the closing table and during the life of your loan, you may never find a tool that will have a greater impact on your finances and saves your money at the same time.

Brokers, there has never been a more effective tool in matching a customer ’s needs to available loan programs. If a prospect requests a phone call through, most likely, the prospect already knows the basics about loan pre-qualification. Even if the prospect failed to receive mortgage quotes trough due to unrealistic expectations, he or she will be more grateful in case their broker can provide the financing they need. Through the service, brokers can receive more qualified customers to your programs and drastically increase prospecting effectiveness.

Lenders. There has never been a better way in matching a prospects needs to your loan programs. Through the service, prospects can run their loan scenarios to your programs and be required to contact your account representatives through participating brokers. Your reps will receive interested, pre-qualified loan leads for approval. Our Lenders pool is growing weekly. You can now search Prime and Sub Prime Lenders. We add new lenders on a daily basis. Rates are checked for changes on every search to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Real time On-line Quotes. Real Time on-line rates and closing costs quotes for sub-prime and prime loan requests. The unique mortgage shopping tool.

Results. Searches provide loan products, closing costs estimates, rates estimates, monthly payment and loan notes as well as allowing to request mortgage specialist assistance in connection with a particular loan program quoted.

Finding Loan Programs. Don't lose a chance to find a perfect loan for your home because you don't know about it ’s existence will. Choose from many lenders at your finger tips. New lenders added daily.

Web Based. mortgage shopping engine is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you will have results in seconds.

Thank you for your interest in the mortgage shopping engine.