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There are many lenders that specialize in what is often referred to as a bad credit home purchase loan. Some lenders willing to offer you a loan, even if your monthly mortgage payment surpasses the 30% of your income that is typically recommended.
Your first step should be to run the numbers to find out what type of mortgage rates you may be eligible for and how much it would cost you to buy now.
The second step is to try to increase your credit score. In most situations it is possible to gain 30-40 points and achieve up to a 3% interest rate reduction.

Rates & Closing Costs Quotes for Home Purchase Loan
Property Value / Contract Price Lower of Purchase Price and Appraised Value
Loan Amount Desired  
Down Payment Higher down payment may help to lower rate
Loan Type Preferred  
Property Description SFR - single family residence
Number of Units
(1 for Single Family)
Units > 1 for rental properties
Gross Yearly Income, $
(optional, but very important)
Some lenders require to see if you qualify.
Income Documentation Type Choose FullDoc if you can document your income
Zip Code (Where You Live Now)  
Your Credit Profile
(the lower of 3)
Lower of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, or TriMerge  
or estimate if you don't know:    
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US Mtg Rates: 16-Jun-2024
30 Yr Fixed Rate
15 Yr Fixed Rate
ARM Mortgage Indexes
5/1 ARM
3/1 ARM
12 MTA
COFI 11th District
COFI Federal
12 Month LIBOR ($)
1 Year CMT
Market Indexes & Indicators
WSJ Prime Rate -1.0%
FNMA 15y Fxd Yld-30d -1.0%
FNMA 30y Fxd Yld-30d -1.0%
Federal Funds -1.0%
30 Year Treasury -1.0%
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