Interest Only & Flexible Payment Loans

The easiest ways to get the lowest monthly payment possible is by obtaining a loan with a very low interest rate for the first several years. One example is known as a payment option loan or Flex Pay loan. These loans allow you to set up an optional minimum payment, which can result in low monthly payments, often for the first five years. Another way to minimize monthly interest payments is through an interest-only loan. The period of most such loans is usually 5-10 years, during which time, you’llbe paying only the interest on the loan.

Your first step should be to run the numbers on our web site to compare low initial payment programs like ARM loans, and to get an idea about rates, payments and closing costs. Then, use our network of Interst only loan lenders and expert mortgage specialists to find the best loan for your property.

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US Mtg Rates: 16-Jun-2024
30 Yr Fixed Rate
15 Yr Fixed Rate
ARM Mortgage Indexes
5/1 ARM
3/1 ARM
12 MTA
COFI 11th District
COFI Federal
12 Month LIBOR ($)
1 Year CMT
Market Indexes & Indicators
WSJ Prime Rate -1.0%
FNMA 15y Fxd Yld-30d -1.0%
FNMA 30y Fxd Yld-30d -1.0%
Federal Funds -1.0%
30 Year Treasury -1.0%
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